Hi, I'm Yshia Condezo

Yshia (eye-sha)

At a young age, I picked up my very first digital camera and instantly fell in love with photographing people and special moments.

Years later, I got into filmmaking and began developing storytelling abilities.

So, I decided to integrate my love for film and photography to create Yshia Films.

Today, I'm proud to announce that I hold a Bachelor's degree in Film Production.

About Yshia Films

Yshia Films is a photography & video production business serving the South and Southwest region of Florida. Incorporating our love for film-making, we capture your story one frame at a time through photos and video.

We specialize in portrait photography for professionals, artists, moms-to-be, families, couples, quinceañeras, and weddings. Above all, producing videos for families and couples is our passion.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to capture the very essence of an individual and to produce authentic + timeless photos for families & couples that can be proudly placed in their home.