Mother & Daughter

June 2023

In honor of representing her strength and courage, my client wanted to highlight her own beauty and love for her daughter and grandchildren. For this indoor photoshoot, I put together a few props to go with her pink theme. It's not so much the backdrop or the props, but the people that make up every photo. My aim was to etch the closeness of this beautiful family across all photos.


January 2023

Sun, palm trees, and shade. I wanted to give this family visiting from Nicaragua a true essence of our South Florida environment. Although it may not look like it, the temperature on this day was in the mid-40s! By keeping the family active, I was able to get these fun interactions and keep them warm-ish.

A Forever Family

April 2019

This couple wanted to showcase their joy in having their first child, through adopting, nonetheless. I knew this was cause for celebration and there was something about sunflowers that exhumed happiness. Thankfully, these sunflowers were in full bloom, as if having waited for this moment as well.

Love Blooms

February 2020

Celebrating their family, the parents of these kids wanted a Valentine's Day themed photoshoot. I decided to put together a set where everyone would feel nice and cozy, just like the love that bonds them.