The concept behind this Shoot

July 2021

During the first few months of 2021, I noticed a boom in artists coming back on scene with a burst of creativity mixed with entrepreneurship. Many are flourishing & honing in on their skills, building businesses, sharing their knowledge & stretching out their hands to others.

I'm amazed at how our generation is over the mundane mentality of just working for a living, but actually taking our passions and putting it to use for our future and our generations to come.

It got me thinking that this is like a revival of creatives. Thus, this photoshoot idea was birthed: The Renaissance of 2021. This is my attempt at creating an image akin to a painting.

The model is dressed in rich and dark colors to remain true to the essence of the actual Renaissance era, while the background is a more neutral color to contrast what the model is wearing.

- Yshia Condezo, July 2021