Planning the look.

What I look for in the mini-photoshoot set-up is space... and lots of it. Since the holidays are about spending time with family and loved ones, I want to create an environment spacious and comfortable enough for everyone; from our wisest ones to our littlest ones.

The outfit.

Who cares that those sweater weather days are RARE in sunny Florida! If you want to wear your coziest turtleneck, you are more than welcome. From plaid dresses to velvet tops or corduroy pants, as long as you feel your most "holiday-ish" whether in solid traditional holiday colors or all-white or all-black.

Finally, the set-up.

Fresh and cozy. This mini-photoshoot will be held outdoors with plenty of shade and trees around.

This is a reference photo to give a general idea of the what the set will look like.

See ya!