Planning the look.

Consider the location, time of day, and amount of movements you'll be doing during your session. If you're bringing kids, you'll definitely be moving around a lot so opt for something comfortable.

The color scheme.

Considering it's also springtime, the color scheme I highly recommend are pastel colors. These colors go well with each other because they're soft and easy on the eye. If you decide on one specific color that everyone will wear, make sure that they're all different tones.

Make sure everyone in your session is color coordinated! That doesn't mean come in the same solid color, but ensure everyone's outfits and colors compliment one another.

The outfit.

Think soft and airy.

Flowy dress or fitted top.

Button-down shirt or an over-the-shoulder blouse.

Cream-colored pants or loose bottoms.

Just for fun, throw in some prints and patterns!

What to bring.

Essentials for your session:

  • Water!
  • Mosquito/bug repellent
  • Hand towel (you know how hot this Florida weather gets!)


  • A surprise gift for mom!
  • Props that you want included ( for example, a family keepsake)

It's your session, tailor it the way you want!

Finally, the set-up.

Fresh and cozy. A day out, picnic style.

This session will be held outdoors under a lot of shade to stay cool, calm, and collected.

Get a sneak peek of the experience.

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Let's get to creating these long-lasting memories with your queen!