The purpose.

Seasonal sessions were made to capture this moment in time for you and loved ones. The older I get, the more I realize just how fast time passes by. Before you know it, another year went by and either everyone's older or moved away. It takes intentional steps to be present and not have to pull out your phone whenever a special moment is happening. This is why we have created this special moment for you, where you can be fully present and enjoy this time with the one or ones you love.

What I look for in the seasonal session set-up is space... and lots of it. Since these sessions are about spending time with family and loved ones, I want to create an environment spacious and comfortable enough for everyone; from our wisest ones to our littlest ones.


For who.

For couples, best friends, parent & child, siblings and everyone in between.

The outfit.

It's your session, do it your way! If you want to be sporty, casual, or get dressed up - you are more than welcome to. From floral dresses to corduroy pants, as long as you feel beautiful whether in beige casual colors or bright and fun!

Get a feel for the quality and the experience of a session with Yshia Films. Here are just a few recent examples of family and couple portraits I've captured.

Finally, the experience.

An old-school picnic date. We're going to start off with a special surprise activity as an ice-breaker to get the laughs (and possibly tears) going! This seasonal session will be held outdoors with a beautiful view AND, if you're up for it, we want to capture you and your beloved taking a stroll on the bicycle.

And sorry there's no food in the picnic basket :(

Creative direction by Yshia Films.

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